yeereaah! ahh the countryside. . . shoe was a frollickin' around the mount tskuba a whiles back, all drained from major drinkin' an bballin' the nite befo'. low on the chemicals, shoe was a happy puppy to see the ichiban-tei an all its promise o ramen goodliness..

now iffn it really lived upta its billin', the 'ole ichiban wouldabeen a ramen fairyland in which shoe woulda wanted ta neva evah leave. as it turned oot tho', the joint was high on the quantity, an a little lackin' on the quality.

shoe sucked down a loaded bowl, burstin' wit gimmicks. an the mild-ish hot miso was a spee-icy break, at least the soup had soms flava. other than that, meh.

three junk drawers for the ichiban-tei. try again, fellas!


awrite, so shoe gots this thang runnin' again. a few swift kicks in the junk an' she be back to normal..sortof.

keep tuned!


sumethin, shoe knows not what, went all buggy-like on the ole bo-log... box-standard fer the now til shoe can cobble together a new look..

an some more raamen to come, boogers!

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